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Auctioneer Bond Maine

Auctioneer Bond Maine

Maine Auctioneer Bonds

Maine auctioneer surety bonds are essential for anyone who is in the business.  If you are in the industry, then auctioneer surety bonds are required, and there is no way around it.  The reason for it being so important is because it protects the auctioneers against damages caused by the Maine auction house, or the auctioneer themselves.

They cover you and your business as the result of fraud.  Examples of this can be falsification of auction goods, or false representation of purchased goods.  It will cover you company regardless of whether the misrepresentation was deliberate or unintentional.

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Maine Auctioneer Bonds, which have a common renewal date of March 31. The bond amount is $10,000 with an annual premium of $100.

According to the state of Maine’s Department of Professional and Financial Regulations, Maine auctioneers are required to be licensed and properly bonded.  The reason this is important is the fact that the Maine auctioneer is the individual who is responsible for advertising the sold goods, and describing what they are.  Therefore, Maine auctioneers bonds are required for both the auctioneer as well as the auction house.

For more information, about Maine Bonding requirement, we suggest going to the Maine Legislation website

NFP Surety can get your Maine auction house bonded quickly, correctly, and on the proper form.

Maine Auction House Bonds

We can help get your business bonded today!  All we need is information on your business, as well as personal indemnity information.  We have bad credit score programs available to help you as well.  Simply fill out the online application, and we can get you bonded the same day.

Why are auctioneer bonds in Maine important?

Sureties protect the party that is getting bonded, as well as the obligee (or principal), against any or all financial deficiencies as a result of poor fiscal decisions, damages, or failure to abide Maine, or city specific laws on the part  of you, the obligee.  Learn more about Maine surety bonds.

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