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What is a Probate Court Bond?

What is a Probate Court Bond?

Probate Bonds

NFP Surety is the nation’s leading source of affordable probate court bonds.  Probate bonds are mandatory to have and are required by several probate court judges to make sure that fiduciaries fulfill their responsibilities to beneficiaries.  A few examples of commonly requested estate court bonds are explained below.

Probate Court bonds have several other names.  They are often refereed to as…

  • Guardianship
  • Trustee
  • Fiduciary
  • Estate
  • Executor
  • Probate
  • Administrator
  • Guardian

Probate court surety bonds provide protection that the administrator of an estate will allocate assets and property of the estate according to the wishes of the will of the deceased.  In case there is no will and testament, in agreement with the jurisdiction’s laws. If the individual is still living but is heavily debilitated, the court surety defends the individual’s assets from being defrauded by the guardian assigned to that individual.

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Probate Court Bonds

Ramifications for not having one!

One needs to be extremely careful how they handle the deceased’s estate, because if it’s not done properly, a claim could potentially be filed on your surety bond which would become your debt to pay.  Probate surety bonds are mandated by a court venue when you are named as the fiduciary or executor to protect the rightful inheritors of an estate.  The court requirements are dependent on where the decedents reside.  They vary by the state, county, or city where the decedent lived at the time of his death, as probate laws differ by jurisdiction.  Resource- Wisc. State Legislature

Probate Court Bonds

Probate Surety Bond – How to get one?

At NFP Surety, we are the surety bond leader in the industry.  Our team of highly experienced bonding agents are licensed to bond all over the country.  As always, surety bond quotes are free and you have no obligation to purchase a bond.  We just want to make sure you are educated on the product, and have it on the correct paper.  Keep in mind we will need a copy of your court order.  Please let our staff know in writing, if this is a verbal order.  Applying for a probate surety bond is easy!  Just fill out this secure online application, or call us today!

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