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What is a Non-Surety Bond?

What is a Non-Surety Bond?

Non Surety Bond

If you were arrested, you may want to bond out of jail as quickly as possible. Depending on the severity of your crimes, you will either be granted a non-surety bond, a bail amount or be granted no bail. If you have never been in this position before, you may wonder what is a non surety bond.  Here are a few frequently asked questions you may have in regards to what is a non-surety?

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It is essentially a bond in which you do not have to post any money to be released from jail. You are released on your own recognizance. This means that you sign a paper with the courts or the jail agreeing to show for your next court date and continue to show until you are sentenced. The courts take you at your word that you will show. If you fail to do so, a warrant will be issued. When you are caught, you may have a higher bail amount or no bail amount at all due to your failure to show and being considered a flight risk now.

Non surety Bond

Who is Eligible for Bond?

Generally, the courts maintain a list of the bail amount for specific crimes. Generally those that are misdemeanors and have not put the public at risk are eligible for non surety bonds. However, certain factors are considered before this is offered to you. If you have a lengthy criminal history, are on probation or parole, or are in the country illegally or on a visa, you may not be eligible for a bond, even if the crime you were charged with is minor.

Can You Get a Regular Bail Amount Reduced to a Non Surety Bond?

If you are charged with a bail amount that is higher than you can afford or that you, your attorney or public defender thinks is too high, you can request a bail hearing. At this hearing, you or your representative can make a case for lowering your bail or getting you released on bond.

If you are charged with a crime and arrested, the best case scenario can be being granted a non-surety. If you find yourself asking what is a non surety bond, remember that this means that you do not have to pay money or take out a bail bond with a bail bonds company to get out of jail.

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