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Meet Our Team

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You may not be sure of the role played by a surety bond agent in the bonding process, and how they add value to the whole scenario. Right from the very beginning, a surety agent does indeed add value to the bonding process, first of all by helping a client determine exactly which type of bond is needed. There are literally thousands of different types of surety bonds which can be purchased, to cover thousands of different circumstances, and once you’ve explained your needs to a good NFP Surety agent, he/she will know just which bond covers that situation. Surety companies themselves do not generally work with applicants, so your agent is an advocate for you that will help you get just the right coverage to satisfy your business needs.

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Many surety companies primarily deal with insurance, and offer bonds as a kind of secondary business, and this often results in a lack of expertise and/or knowledge on the part of the company’s agents. Naturally enough, since they primarily handle insurance coverage, that is the area they’re most familiar with. Surety by NFP team members are well-versed in all the different types of bonds available, and can help you obtain exactly the right business coverage to satisfy your needs.

In some cases, it’s also true that the specific kind of bond you need cannot be approved by the surety company you select. When that happens, the bond must be forwarded to a third party company which is authorized to approve and sell your bond. By the time it gets back to your original surety company, it’s possible that a considerable amount of time has elapsed, and if you were trying to obtain a fast approval, you’d simply be out of luck. Surety by NFP team members are authorized to sell bonds in all 50 states, and every kind of bond can be approved and sold in-house, so your valuable time won’t be wasted.

Another important aspect of the knowledge and experience which our agents bring to the process is in explaining to you exactly how sureties work. Our agents go to the trouble of explaining that you are always responsible for any claims made against your bond, even if the surety company pays the amount of the initial claim. Because you are the party which defaulted on the terms of the bond, you are ultimately responsible for all claims made against the bond, and the surety company will eventually require you to reimburse them for the full amount of any claim made against your bond.

Perhaps even more importantly, our agents will give you some valuable recommendations on how to avoid any claims which might be made against you. Claims made against a bond are always damaging to your business and your reputation, firstly because you will suffer a financial setback in paying the claim, and secondly because your business will become known for having defaulted on the terms of a bond.

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Fast turnaround, low rates 

When you work with an NFP Surety bond agent, you can always expect the fastest turnaround time and the lowest rates in the business. Because we deal with a high volume of bonds, we can offer the most affordable rates in the industry, and since we are authorized to sell in all states, we can get your bond approved and written up in the shortest possible time frame. You won’t ever have to wait for a third-party surety company to approve and issue your bond, because our agents can do all that right in-house.

When you have a claim made against the bond, your NFP Surety agent will investigate the claim thoroughly and determine whether it is a valid claim or a false one, and if the claim has no merit, our specialists will do their best to have that claim declared invalid so you don’t end up paying anything. If the claim is at least partially valid, our team will work with you to help ensure that you pay the least amount possible, so that your business is not totally disrupted.

When you work with an Surety by NFP agent, you can expect friendly and knowledgeable service, and you can expect to get bonded as quickly as possible. On top of all that, you’ll have an advocate on your side who will go to bat for you when problems arise. Talk to an NFP Surety bond agent today, and get your bond requirements taken care of faster than you thought was possible.