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Nevada Legal Document Assistant Bond

Nevada Legal Document Assistant Bond

NV Legal Doc Assistant Bond

A Nevada LDA bond are required by independent paralegals in NV who prepare legal documents for others.  LDA  bonds, or LDAs (for short) are bonds that need to be done on an annual basis.  The state of Nevada requires a $50,000 surety bonds that are mandatory for a NV LDA to be registered. The NV legal doc asst bond is filed in the county where the they prepare and/or file legal docs.

Are you located in CA?  If so, visit our CA Legal Document Asst Page for their specific requirements.

Nevada Legal Doc Asst Surety Bond – Requirements

In order to become a registered LDA within the state of Nevada, applicants must do the following:

  • Applicants must a background check
  • Get fingerprinted.  This will take place during the background check period
  • You must provide adequate business information
  • Possess a NV state business license

NV LDA bonding can be provided to you the same day we receive your request.  Call (480) 947-3555 for a free quote.  Or, simply fill out our online application, and get bonded quickly and properly.  We are NFP Surety, and we have been leading the surety bond industry since 1984.  We can write all types of sureties, Nationwide.  Put our experience to work, and think of us when you are ready to get your NV LDA bond!  Even if you have not so good credit, you can still get bonded.  The only caviat might be, that you would need to pay a slightly higher price to get bonded.  It’s definitely better than getting caught without one.  But, let us do the shopping for you, and we will place your bonding needs with a company that will take care of you.  We have access to some of the best companies in the industry, and began building these relationships a long time ago.  Our easy, online application process only takes a few minutes, and can potentially save you a giant headache later.  Nevada Legal Document Assistant Bond

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