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Auctioneer Bond

Auctioneer Bond

Bonds for Auctioneers

Information is always free at Surety by NFP.  We offer auctioneer bond and auction company bonds in all states where one is required.

The auction method of marketing can be an exciting, fast-paced option when selling a property or personal belongings. An auctioneer may first need to attend an approved auction school, or maybe required to serve a full year as an apprentice, or act as a bid caller in a number of auctions before applying for a license. There is usually a written and verbal examination prior to receiving a license.auctioneer surety bond

Auctioneer Surety Bond

The auctioneer surety bond or auction company surety bond is generally required by the state for the benefit of any persons damaged by the failure of the auctioneer or company to provide services while performing an auction, or by fraud, dishonesty, or misrepresentation of an auctioneer or auction company or its agents, representatives, or employees. The auction bond is often referred to as an auctioneer bond or auction company bond but may have different names in different states, counties, and cities.

Surety by NFP can assist you with a wide variety of bonding requirements. Our staff is familiar with the bond you need and will provide it affordably, and on the bond form that is required.  Some bonds can actually be issued in very little time.  In fact, they can often be issued with a simple credit check and a little bit of financial information.  Contact us today to learn how to easily get an auctioneer bond today.  Quotes are always free, and we’re happy to assist.

Auctioneer Bonding and InsuranceBONDS FOR AUCTIONEERS

On this website, we have dissected numerous times the difference between bonds and insurance.  We can help you with both, and if you are in the auctioneering business, there are several different coverage types that we would recommend.

Liability Insurance.  Coverage against Vandalism, Fire, Lightning, Windstorm and other hazards.  Consignment Coverage.  Workers Compensation Insurance, and Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

Call our office to learn more about these types of insurances.  We’ll quote them for you, along with your auctioneer surety bond.

auctioneer bondsFeel free to contact our office for information about any type of bond you may need, or call (800) 863-3210. We look forward to being your go-to agency for all of your bonding needs.

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