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Private Investigator Surety Bonds

Private Investigator Surety Bonds

Private Investigator Bond

Private Investigator bond (detective bond) is a kind of organization that takes risks of customers through private investors. Before an individual becomes a Private Investigator he/she has to be licensed by PIB.

It collects a small amount of money, premium bonds, before the association of a business and the organization can be accepted.

The amount of the bond is determined by the authority that is to issue a license. These authorities can either come from locals or states depending on the place where the private investors are located. This bond acts as a protection to the general public and the regulating body as well. Private investor bond ensures quality services to the customers.

A private investigator is a contract between three parties, the private investigator business, the local or state authority, and the bond underwriter. It provides the private investigator bond in the most affordable way in the whole nation.

They are highly needed by many states to license themselves as private investigators. The amount of the bond varies from region to the other.

This organization is advantageous to the PIs as the penalty amount for bonds is very low compared to the license and permit bonds. It is easily approved as risks are also low. To know more about the organization let’s look at some issues to deal with this organization.

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How Organizations/businesses that require a detective bond can obtain one. 

To get the license from the state or local authority, one has to obtain a form and fill the required details before submitting it to the organization. Once it is approved by the organization, the private investigators contribute premium bonds to the organization. This amount varies from place to place as there is no set amount by the organizations which specialize in this type of service.

It depends on the location of your business. A detective investigator has to consult with the relevant authorities so that the requirements for the business are obtained before licensing. Some of those who require this bond are investigative assistants, private investigation agencies, private and protective security agencies, and security guards and agencies and any other related organization.

Any licensed or unlicensed private business investigator that wants to get the detective bond, has to ensure a high profession in its work. Private investors have to legally deal with their customers as well helped the bodies enforcing laws in any possible way.

Detective bonds act as the guarantor to licensing authorities by making sure that the bonded party meets its responsibilities act according to the law.

The cost of the private investigator bond

The bond is not set an exact amount as different regions are run individually without following any other organization. The cost of the bond is determined by the organization involved hence it depends on the organization you are to obtain the policy from.

The required bond amount depends on local or state requirements. It also depends on whether you require it individually or as a group where normally the charges for more than one person are high. Having bonded, the only important thing to deal with is paying the bond premium.  The bond premiums are expressed as a percentage of the total amount.

The amount paid to enable one obtain private investigator bond depends on the bond amount you are asked to obtain as a part of the licensing requirements as well as on the strength of your personal and business finances.

The best way to determine the exact bond for you is by consulting with the local or state authorities. In some of the markets, the premiums range from 1/100 to 3/100. If you want to obtain the correct amount of premium, you apply with your surety which helps you to examine your finances.

The factors which are considered in determining the premium are business financespersonal credit scorestocks in the business, as well as your professional experience in private investment. If you meet all these considerations, you are assigned a small amount of premium as you are considered a low-risk applicant.

Private Investigator Surety Bonds

Getting investigator bond with bad credit

The organization through Bad Credit Surety Bonds allows private investigators with bad credit to get a bond. The term bad credit here has used collectively to mean low credit scores, tax liens, lack of money, civil judgments as well as low credit scores get the bond they need. This is an added advantage to the private investors, especially those who are financially unstable in their businesses as that does not terminate the contract.

The expected bond premium has a range of 4% -15%.  This helps in the possession of bad credits to apply and remain bonded.  Through these customers get the best rates that are friendly to their circumstances and their credit score as well. This ensures that those who do not meet the qualifications are also favored to continue being involved in the business.

Obtaining private investigator bond

The detective bond is easy to obtain. One can apply investigator bonds online anywhere and anytime. This is attained by downloading their form online.  NFP Surety has been the leader in bonding since 1984.  Let us help you out.  Apply in just minutes, and get bonded today!

After sending us all the required information the form is submitted to one of our carriers. This form is of great importance because it will help us get information on the exact services provided by the person to obtain the policy.

In case of complications encountered one can request for help online. This gives efficient services to customers who want to get a bond. One can also e-mail the organization and receive guidelines directly. This has highly benefited the investors as they do not travel to obtain the policy.

Handling claims for private investigator bond

The bonds are not treated as protection for private investors’ business rather they are treated as they belong to the customers. It acts as a guarantor to customers by providing quality services.

In case someone fails to meet his/her obligations the harmed party can file a claim on the other’s bond hence if someone hence no risk of loss as they transact with each other. This helps the parties involved to transact peacefully with every party meeting its obligations to the other.

This is with the exception of insurance whereby insurance benefits the policyholder while private investigator bond benefits the third party. It provides public liability which protects private investigators.

Through the services provided by the investigator bond customers can get quality services from the private investigators.

Detective Bond 

NFP Surety provides affordable detective bonds Nationwide.  Check out our resource guide on how to become a private investigator.   Private Investigator Surety Bonds are required by several states for licensing as private investigators. PI bond amounts vary from state to state. The penalty amount of these bonds is generally less than other license and permit bonds, and the risk is low, so they are easier to approve. Most are an automatic issue with no credit check and can be provided the same day as a request is received.

NFP Surety provides a detective bond solution in all states that have this requirement and again, most PI bonds can be emailed or sent the same day that a request is made.

Please complete our online or downloadable application, or call (800) 863-3210 for more information about PI surety bonding.


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