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California Auction Company Surety Bonds

Auction Company Surety Bonds

NFP Surety provides California auction company surety bonds. A $20,000 two-year surety bond is required by those who wish to be licensed as an auction company in the State of California.  The auction company bond protects customers from damage caused by fraud, dishonesty, unlawful acts, and failure to provide services agreed to be performed by the auction company, its agents, representatives, or employees acting within the scope of their employment.  No auction company is authorized to conduct business in California without being licensed and maintaining this auction company surety bond in the amount prescribed by the California Secretary of State, and on the correct bond form.

There are three parties connected with a bond of this type:  the auction company, the obligee (the entity that requires the bond), and the insurance surety company.

Beyond being required by the State of California to conduct business, the auction company bond does much to enhance a buyer’s confidence in the auction company because it protects the buyer’s bids and purchases.  Give your business piece of mind, knowing that your business is properly bonded.  We have been the top agency in the bonding industry since our doors opened in 1984.  We know what it takes to effectively bond any business, including auction companies.

California Auction Bonds

NFP Surety offers great rates for auction company surety bonds and will provide you with the bond the same day as requested, in most cases.  Feel free to call (800) 863-3210 for more information, or apply for your bond online.  A downloadable application is also available to fax or email to our agency.  We can bond your auction company for all states, including CA!  It only takes a few minutes to apply, and in some cases, you can get bonded the same day.

Quotes are free and you are under no obligation.  Please call us at (480) 947-3555 for a free quote.

Thank you.  We appreciate your business.

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