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NY Mortgage Loan Originator Bond (MLO Bonds)

NY Mortgage Loan Originator Bond (MLO Bonds)

New York Mortgage Broker Bond 

NFP Surety is a major provider of the New York Mortgage Loan Originator Bond also known as a MLO Surety Bond. This bond is required by the NY Superintendent of Banks from those wishing to be licensed as a NY Mortgage Loan Originator as an individual or an originating entity, in accordance with Section 599-k of the New York Banking Law.

MLO Bonds

MLO Surety Bond requirements for individual licensees are to maintain an MLO Surety Bond based on the dollar volume of loans originated.  The number of employees covered by the MLO Bond determines the bond amount required if you are an originating entity.
To determine the bond amount you need, please visit http://www.banking.state.ny.us/mbmlosb.htm. Whether you are an Individual Mortgage Loan Originator, or an Originating Entity in the State of New York, NFP Surety can handle your request.

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