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SAG Bonds

Screen Actors Guild Bonds

NFP Surety provides SAG bond at a very affordable rate.  We can write Screen Actors Guild Bonds for multiple years, so it’ll save you time in the future.  SAG Bond is an American labor union which represents thousands of on-screen, as well as televisions performers, and claims jurisdiction over movie performances. If you are a company which as future plans of having members of the Screen Actors Guild work on an upcoming film, you will more than likely be required to post a bond with the labor union. The requirements for a SAG Bonding are quite simple.  The guild requires a 40% bond, which is in correlation to the SAG actors salaries.  This will guarantee that benefits and pensions for the a Screen Actor members are properly compensated.

SAG Bond Info

This surety bonding type is often referred to as a “SAG bond” or an “Actor’s bond”.  Learn more about the requirements of the bond by going directly to their website. Then, contact us!  We are the surety bond professionals, and we have been the industry leading source of Screen Actors Bonds since 1984!  Let us do the shopping for you, as we have access to several bonding companies, and we will give you the best rate possible.

How to Get a SAG Bond

NFP Surety will assist you with a wide variety of bonding requirements. Our friendly and detail oriented staff is extremely familiar with the surety bond you need and will provide it on the bonding form that is required.

Feel free to call (855) 999-7833 for more information, or complete our online or downloadable application to request your surety bond.

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