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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why NFP Surety? 

Of the thousands of agencies in the U.S. which are authorized to sell surety bonds to contractors, businessmen, and individuals for literally hundreds of different reasons, why should anyone choose National Financial Partners Corp (NFP Surety) over any other company? The answer is as simple as the question – because we are the very best at what we do.

Americans have come to expect that the ‘very best’ at anything will always cost a lot more because the greater value or greater quality is supposed to be provided. While NFP Surety does provide greater value for our service, the company is still one of the most affordable options for purchasing any kind of bond you might need, compared to all other companies. But value and affordability aren’t the only reasons to purchase from NFP Surety.

Nationwide Coverage

No matter which state you live in, and no matter which kind of bond you need to purchase, you can purchase it from NFP Surety. Authorized to sell every kind of bond in all 50 states, NFP makes it convenient for you to obtain the coverage you need, regardless of location or bond type. You can always apply for a needed bond online, but NFP also has so many branch offices blanketing the U.S. that there is bound to be an office close to you if you would prefer to conduct the transaction face-to-face.

The corporate office strongly supports all branch offices, to ensure that the best customer service is provided to NFP customers, regardless of their location. A separate wholesale division has also been established for the sole purpose of supporting the needs of the independent agency force, which in turn exists to satisfy the bond needs for another vast segment of the population.

As company President Mike Lapre declares, “We have many special arrangements with our surety carriers that give us underwriting authority. This gives us the ability to respond to most requests without having to submit to the carriers. We also have relationships to handle everything from small to extremely large, sophisticated accounts. We have a much larger surety staff than most of our competitors.”

Professional Reputation 

During the 30 years, it has been in business, NFP Surety has become the largest bonding agency in the country. Founded in 1984 as Lapre Insurance & Surety, the company quickly gained a reputation for reliability, professionalism, and for going the extra mile to accommodate the needs of customers.

By 1996, the company became licensed to sell bonds from coast to coast, and in 2011 it merged with NFP and adopted that name to reflect its national coverage, as well as its growth in size and service. NFP Surety retains its association with many surety companies throughout the U.S. so that it has the capability of finding and offering the lowest possible rates to customers who are seeking quality coverage as well as affordability.

Experience, Speed, Service

We pride ourselves on offering the fastest online application process of any of the major companies in the industry. Sometimes speed may not be important to a client, but for those situations where it’s important to acquire bond coverage in order to compete with other contractors, to obtain licensure for your new business, or for a number of other reasons, obtaining bond coverage quickly can make the difference between winning a job bid and being an also-ran. Bonds can be approved instantly in many cases, as our experienced agents know just what to look for, and what to incorporate into the bond contract.

Perhaps of even greater significance to our clients is the fact that NFP will stand by you when you most need support and assistance in situations where claims may arise against the bond. Our customers know they can count on us when things don’t go exactly as planned, and when professional support can mean a lot.

Types of bonds we provide

The short answer to this is – all of them. We have underwritten pretty much every kind of bond there is, including all those from the two major categories, contract bonds, and commercial bonds. So you can have an idea of the versatility and broad coverage we have provided in the past and continue to offer, a partial list of the bond types we sell is listed below:

  • License and permit bonds – auto dealer, mortgage broker, insurance agent, skilled service provider, etc.
  • Fidelity bonds – janitorial bonds, ERISA bonds, employee dishonesty bonds
  • Fiduciary bonds – trustee, administrator, and guardian bonds
  • Public official bonds – notary, tax collector, County Clerk bonds
  • Court  bonds – attachment bonds, indemnity to Sheriff, court cost bonds
  • Bid | Payment | Performance bonds
  • Subdivision bonds
  • Supply bonds
  • Site improvement bonds

The NFP Acronym 

As mentioned above, NFP stands for National Financial Partners Surety, but as more than a few customers have told us, it also stands for Nimble, Fantastic, and Personable. We could hardly object to that kind of positive designation, and in fact, it has become a kind of motto for company members to use as a standard for conducting our business.

Nimble reflects the company’s agility and responsiveness in satisfying the needs of all our customers, Fantastic Results is what we try to deliver to each and every customer, and Personable is a good descriptor for the kind of attitude we encourage from all of our employees. That’s not a bad summary of the NFP approach – providing the best possible results, to as many people as possible, and with the most cheerful and professional manner. It just gives us one more reason to be proud that we are NFP.

Contact Us 

We hope that when you need any kind of bond at all, wherever you are located, that you will contact NFP Surety before any other company. We will do whatever it takes to find the lowest rate for you, and get your application approved in the fastest time possible. Let us show you exactly why we have become the most trusted, most-respected nationwide surety company in the business. To find the NFP branch office closest to you, click on this link.